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Seamlessly integrate AI into your leasing process – no coding, or complex setups required. Just efficient, automated leasing that drives results.

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What is tallo?

Tallo works on your behalf to post your rentals to all of the major listing sites, while providing custom real-time responses to renter inquiries, leading to a higher number of booked showings and rented homes. If you're using an existing system, we'll meet you there, so that you don't need to start from scratch.

Overall, Tallo is an innovative AI leasing agent helping simplify property management but at it's core, we're driven to provide results with you in the driver's seat. Welcome - we can't wait for you to get started.

for Single family investors & property managers

Connect your portfolio, simplify your leasing operations

Introducing Intelligent Escalations, Tallo orchestrates multi-channel communications, ensuring prompt, custom and accurate responses to all inquiries — around the clock, even beyond regular business hours.

AI connected to your systems, driven by you

You're in control. Customize Tallo to align perfectly with the details that drive your property strategies and preferences while adhering to local laws and regulations.

Real time responses to Renters

Effortlessly manage high-volume inquiries. Whether SMS or email, nurture your leads with quick, consistent, and impressively human-like responses in every interaction. Tallo ensures a lead is never missed again.

benefits & Features

Complement your workflow

Built for  Investors by Investors. Tallo combines deep industry expertise with a focus on simplifying and solving the complexities of vacancies.

Active waitlists

Manage your property waitlists dynamically, keeping potential Renters engaged and informed automatically.

Streamlined scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling with our scheduling engine. Showings and efficient time management — protecting your time from no-shows.

Intelligent Escalations

Fully customize Tallo for complex questions with ease. When it encounters a new question, Tallo learns from your guidance, enhancing its responses for future interactions.

Advanced analytics

Unlock powerful insights with our advanced analytics, aiding in strategic decisions and optimizing property performance.

Automated descriptions

Generate accurate, appealing property descriptions using AI, saving time and enhancing your listings' appeal.

Integrations | Coming soon

Tallo connects to your favorite tools

Tallo integrates effortlessly with your existing tools, meeting you where you are. Designed for quick setup, it enhances your current processes without the need for drastic changes or switching to completely new system.

The AI companion to your property management systems

Designed for Investors, agents, and renters alike, our platform streamlines crucial conversations, making every home-finding journey smoother for all parties involved - regardless of the system you use.

Celebrated by investors and renters

Read real reviews from our satisfied customers

Thanks to Tallo, I've been able to redirect my energy from juggling lead responses to providing top-notch showings for every prospective tenant. It's been a game-changer in enhancing my client engagement as an individual investor.

Justin, Investor
Lincoln Riddle, LLC

I'm genuinely impressed with the speedy response I got from Tallo! I assumed it was too late to reach out, but to my surprise, I received a prompt and helpful reply. It's refreshing to see such efficiency and accessibility in finding a home.

Lisa, Renter
Pittsburgh, PA

Handling leads used to consume so much of our time, but with Tallo, we've been able to focus our efforts on more impactful areas. It's incredible to see how Tallo is constantly evolving and becoming more intuitive every day.

Rachel, Regional Manager
Millbrook Management


Here's a list of common questions our users asked.

What exactly is Tallo?

Tallo is an AI-driven leasing agent platform designed to streamline and automate the property leasing process. It uses advanced technology to handle renter inquiries, schedule showings, and manage listings efficiently.

How does Tallo integrate with existing property management systems?

We're partner with and have  pre-built custom integrations to major property management systems. Connect with our team today for more information.

Can Tallo handle real-time inquiries from potential renters?

Yes, Tallo is equipped to handle real-time inquiries. You provide the basic parameters for Tallo to work within, and Tallo will respond instantly to questions from prospective tenants, providing contextual responses with accuracy.

Is Tallo user-friendly for those not tech-savvy?

Absolutely, Tallo is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It requires no complex setup or coding knowledge, making it accessible for property managers and owners regardless of their technical background. We did the heavy lifting of handling back-end integrations with providers like Zillow and Appfolio, while you focus on driving returns on your properties.

How does Tallo improve the tenant experience?

Tallo enhances the tenant experience by providing quick, accurate responses to inquiries. Tallo also assists providing hyper-local information like grocery stores and landmarks to help prospects make the most of their search.